European Society for Philosophy and Psychology

The ESPP was founded in 1992 in Tilburg, The Netherlands (as a sister organisation to the SPP, founded in 1974 in North America). The statutes describe its aim as the ‘furtherance of enquiry relating jointly to the fields of philosophy and psychology, and allied disciplines.’ For some time now the three main disciplines represented at the ESPP have been philosophy, psychology and linguistics.

Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences

The Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences, a publicly funded non-university research institution, con­ducts interdisciplinary research in key areas of philosophy and related humanities. The Institute is the largest humanities institute affiliated with the Czech Academy of Sciences. It subscribes to the principles of open science, non-discriminatory policies and good practices in line with European standards.

Local Organising Team

Tomáš Marvan (co-chair)

Juraj Hvorecký (co-chair)

Tetiana Bilous

Vít Gvoždiak

Vladimír Havlík

Tomáš Koblížek

Veronika Lorencová

Martin Zach